What We Do: Educate and Assist


Opening Doors is a founding member of Sacramento’s Rescue and Restore Victims of Human Trafficking Coalition, and has taken a leadership role in our region’s fight against human trafficking. The Rescue and Restore Coalition is a collaboration of nonprofits, government entities (including federal and local law enforcement), and many other organizations and agencies that address the needs of trafficking survivors within our region.



Street Outreach


The street outreach campaign raises awareness of human trafficking in our community. An informed public can alert law enforcement of suspicious activity, or provide resources to trafficking victims. We distribute flyers with a 24-hour hotline and information about resources available to help victims.


The SASSMP (Sacramento Against Sex Slavery in Massage Parlors) Campaing began in 2011 and collected over a thousand signatures urging local city and county supervisors to take action against sexual slavery in massage parlors in the Sacramento region.


In 2014, SASSMP began working with elected officials to create a new ordinance to better regulate and prevent human trafficking massage parlors in Sacramento. Visit SASSMP to learn more.


Community Outreach

Our program educates those who are likely to come in contact with victims, such as emergency medical personnel, health inspectors, court personnel and those in the labor movement. We provide information that builds skills for identifying victims and refering them to available services.


We provide trainings to the general public and following groups:
• Employment Development Department
• Homeless & domestic violence shelters
• Faith-based and community groups

• Law enforcement


Click here to request a presentation for your organization.



Services for Survivors

We help victims who have escaped their trafficking situation to find a safe place and make a fresh start. Every survivor’s case management plan is configured to his or her needs.


Principal services include:

Our program provides housing and furniture based on the needs of the survivor. We rely on donations and support from volunteers. Contact us to donate gently used household items.

Comprehensive Case Management:
The survivor’s mental and physical health, education, and skills are always taken into consideration when creating a case plan with the survivor. Opening Doors has up to a year to work intensively with each survivor.


We provide or engage these services:

• Medical care
• Working with local and federal law enforcement
• Safety planning and training
• Repatriation
• Family Reunification
• Translation assistance
• Transportation assistance and training
• Educational opportunities
• Employment assistance

As a victim of a crime within the United States, a survivor may be eligible for one of several legal remedies. T- and U- Visas, which legalize the victim’s immigration status, are available for victims of trafficking and other crimes. Opening Doors locates pro bono attorneys to assist survivors with their immigration process.



For assistance in finding services for victims of human trafficking,

please call us 916.492.2591.