Starter Loans for Refugees


Culturally-Appropriate, Individual Assistance
Loans and individual assistance are available to those with refugee or asylee immigration status and to certified victims of human trafficking.  The Prosperity Project began in response to the need in Sacramento’s refugee communities for access to financing for expanding or creating small businesses. Assisting refugee business owners continues to be a high priority for us.

Our refugee microenterprise loan program is tailor-made for refugee and asylee entrepreneurs. Our multicultural staff assists clients in their native language, providing them individual assistance with understanding and participating in the US business and financial systems.


Starter Loans for Refugee Businesses
Understanding that newcomers often lack the well-developed credit that is of prime importance for traditional financial institutions, as we measure applicants’ loan worthiness, we take into account their different credit histories and their business experiences and skills built up in non-U.S. and U.S. contexts. For many refugees, doing business and applying for a loan in the US are new experiences. We assist them in developing the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the loan application process and to make their businesses thrive.


Refugee starter loans are available in amounts up to $10,000 at an interest rate of 7.25% for terms up to three years. Oftentimes these microloans enable newcomers to begin and grow businesses, build credit, apply for larger loans through Opening Doors and ultimately through mainstream financial institutions.