Personal Finance Assistance

3 out of 10 non-elderly California households struggle to make ends meet.
Many don’t understand their options within the banking and credit systems.
Others need support for making the necessary changes to reach their financial goals.


Prosperity Project offers programs in Spanish that help participants gain greater control of their finances.



MoneyWork$ in Spanish


MoneyWork$ is an intensive six-month “financial makeover” program through which families gain a greater understanding of their current financial situation, improve their financial management practices, and develop a personal roadmap to self-sufficiency.


The program increases participants’ understanding of the US financial system and ultimately aims at helping them achieve the behavioral change they have determined is needed to get out of debt, retain more of their assets, and achieve their financial goals.


Besides weekly class sessions, participants engage in support group meetings and receive one-on-one financial counseling.



Are you ready for your financial makeover? Click here.



Bank on Sacramento's Financial Seminars in Spanish


Opening Doors offers one-time, two-hour seminars to the area’s Hispanic community. Topics include different types of checking accounts, savings and interest, and the truth behind credit.


Business Expo

Opening Doors hosts Business Expos for new business owners who have graduated from our MoneyWork$ program and Business Development Academy. The Business Expo helps participants network with other business owners and gain new clients.




Opening Doors offers MoneyWork$ through its partnership with the Community Services Planning Council, and with support from several banks and organizations (list here). We are currently seeking partners that share our vision of helping low-income families attain their financial goals, and that wish to work together to extend MoneyWork$ beyond its initial funding.