Our Stories


We feel great pride in the remarkable accomplishments of our clients. We watch with respect as they face daunting challenges with determination and courage, then through hard work, make amazing strides with the modest assistance and resources we provide them. Here are some of their stories.



Survivors of Human Trafficking Stories


Welcome Home

Opening Doors Partners with Community to Give Survivors of Human Trafficking Resources and Support


Survivor's Side: Rescued Joy, Hope, and Freedom

A Young Man From Guatemala Envisions a Bright Future


No Longer Alone in the World
Freed Human Trafficking Victim Reunited with Her Three Kids


After the Escape
Young Girl Escapes Forced Prostitution and Gains a Bright Future


Ending Human Trafficking Through Education and Awareness

Opening Doors Strives to Eliminate Misconceptions about Human Trafficking


In the Words of the Survivors:

When I was single
By a South Asian Human Trafficking Survivor identified in Sacramento


God gave us another opportunity to live
By a 17-year-old Human Trafficking Survivor from South America



Refugee Resettlement Stories


Escape from a Djibouti Prison

Two Refugees from Eritrea Overcome Oppression and Imprisonment


Starting a New Life of Political Freedom: An Iranian Refugee Story

Javad's Yearning to Express His Ideas Freely Has Brought Him to the United States


Meet Rosie, a Member of Sacramento's Growing Burmese Refugee Population

And a warm welcome to Krista, one of the littlest members of our community!


A Chance to Garden for Opening Doors' Refugee Clients

How a new community garden is bringing communities together


REAP Success Story: Haidar Shubber

From student to volunteer mentor to chef and inspiration


Helping Iraqi Refugee Children Overcome Obstacles

Thanks to Dedicated Staff and Volunteers, Opening Doors' RHEAP is a Terrific Resource for Children New to America


A New Impression of America
Iraqi Refugee Finds Warm Welcome in Sacramento

From Fresh Start to Successful Small Enterprise
Moldovan Refugees Create Tailoring and Alterations Business


Starting Over in Sacramento
Refugee from Iraq Adjusts to a Very Different Life


Research Partnership of Iraqi Needs Health Assessment Yields Results

Iraqi Refugees' Health Needs Are Not Being Met; More Must be Done to Ensure Access to Adequate Healthcare Services


To Be Legal, Accepted, and Able to Work
Lhatshampa Family Finds the Dreamed-of Place in Sacramento



Prosperity Project Stories

Refugee Childcare Businesses

The success stories of three refugee women

Vint Boutique
Opening Doors' first "molecular" loan

Olya's Etsy Shop

A small loan helps Olya create online business after moving from Ukraine


Safari Spa
Sarah & Yvonne grow their business


Making it Count

A MoneyWork$ Graduate's Educational Journey


A Family Business: Eeso and Sons

Iraqi Family Utilizes Opening Doors' Special Loan Program for Refugees to Start Thriving Business


The Importance of Volunteering

How a MoneyWork$ Graduate Gives Back


Getting in - and out of - Debt

MoneyWork$ helped Laurica overcome financial obstacles and start planning for retirement.


Moldovan Refugee Becomes Full Time Business Owner

Vladislav Coundtratiuc Goes From Employee to Owner in Landscaping Business


A Passion for Community Involvement Leads to a New Business

Asylee Builds a Business with Opening Doors' Help, and Then Gives Back


Meet one of Sacramento's Newest Enterpreneurs

Iraqi Refugee Finds Success Thanks to Opening Doors' Microenterprise Program


Opening Doors' Client Success Story: Sandy Belio

Expanding her small business with help from Opening Doors' Prosperity Project


From Fresh Start to Successful Small Enterprise
Moldovan Refugees Create Tailoring and Alterations Business


Hard Work Turns a Dream into Big Success
Young Refugee Creates a Telephone Company


Ruby's Housecleaning
Woman Finds Financial Rewards and Personal Growth through Business Creation


Business Expo Showcases MoneyWork$ Graduates

Opening Doors' MoneyWork$ Program Enables Burgeoning Business Owners to Reach New Heights


From Newly-Arrived Refugee to Sacramento Employer in Four Years

Artur Ryabtsev, Ukranian refugee, works with our loan program to purchase a small-business.



Immigration Legal Assistance Stories


Breaking Free

Trapped in an Abusive Relationship, Ellen Finds a Way Out with the Help of Opening Doors